Exciting, exciting, exciting experience

You must step out from your comfort zone, they say. It is helpful for you, they say, cause each challenge you take teaches you something new about yourself. And so did my latest exciting experience. What I’ve learned is that I can control my emotions very well, that I am in charge over myself, no matter how wildly my heart is beating. Or how fast I feel like running in the opposite direction.

ale4I’ve been on stage many times, during my dancing years (I have 10 years of ballet school on my background and 2 years of contemporary dance) but, most of the time, I danced, not talked as it happened Sunday.
Because of my love for dancing in general and my job, I’ve been in contact with the Ballet Theater in our city, so a week ago they asked me if I want to present their Ballet Gala. Of course I said YES! YES! I’M IN! It is a great honor. Well, is not the first time, I must say. I presented their shows two times before, and each time it  was special, scary, confusing and difficult to breathe 🙂 Because of the stage emotions. But each time I could manage all the feelings and I could cross them.
In just a few words, I didn’t spoil their show (thank God!):)))))).
As you can see, I knew this before, but I’ve chosen not to say anything about it. Cause each time I reveal my plans they end up being dropped.
What I wanted to say is that I had a great evening. Scary and terrifying, but incredible and completely beautiful. And I would repeat it in no time. For sure…