Breakfast feeling: Who’s afraid of green onion?

Not me, for sure. And Laurentiu either. Nope, we are not afraid of green onion on our breakfast plate, but that’s not a breakfast “ingredient” you’d want to have on a working day.


I must eat in the morning and if I don’t do it I get cranky and sick, but this morning, right after our coffee we ran in the vegetable market, on empty stomach, to bring that beautiful spring on our table. I can’t even tell you how much I enjoy the first vegetables in the city market and we bought plenty of pinky radishes, green onion, local cheese, wild garlic. The first fresh vegetables of this year.


I must say, I am preoccupied with healthy eating and the best way of doing it is to have on your plate the vegetables and fruits of the season. And now radishes, green onion, spinach, lettuce, green and wild garlic are on stage.

Our breakfast was not very interesting and I didn’t cook anything. Actually I boiled some chicken and quail eggs, I chopped some wild garlic to sprinkle the simple feta cheese with, where I added a few drops of extra virgin oil olive.

…….so simple, but the spring tastes incredibly good…..


PS. When you buy wild garlic, squeeze one leave and smell it. It must smell like garlic. I’m saying this because the plant looks very much like a poisonous flower.