My “works of art” (paintings)

There were evenings a while ago when I felt like doing something with my hands. Yeah, I like using my mind, but sometimes my hands can’t stay still stood, so I have to make them (and myself) busy. I must admit: The creativity strikes especially when Laurentiu’s favorite football team is playing, so I have to do something interesting while he’s watching the game. Most of the time I’m surfing on the Internet in search of inspiration, but sometimes I start doing something.


I am not a painter. Not at all. I’m really bad at it, and it seems like I have no sense of proportions. “My” people have, all the time, bigger heads or narrow shoulders, loooong necks. In a few words, they are like aliens. I like to think dancing and words are what I’m good at, especially because of my 10 years of ballet study, and my love for writing, but sometimes, the white walls and the need to fill them with something make me do some “works of art” :))))).


I’ve decided to show them to you, especially that they are in our living room, so everybody who comes into our house can see them. Please don’t laugh :))) even they are not the best paintings you’ve seen :)))). The themes are some of my “obsessions”: flying and time.


20140228_091402The last 2 ones are not my work, it’s nature’s, but I wanted to share with you some spring feeling from one of our windows. There is something I did, actually: the paper snowflakes.