It’s Transylvania, baby! Green lettuce soup

Hmmmm. When it comes to this dish there is no middle way. You either like it, either not. Especially that there are people who find it a bit strange. And it is, indeed, a weird spring soup made with vegetables, milk, bacon and eggs. How can you call it but weird a soup made with scrumbled eggs, right?



This soup, in this form, comes from Transylvania and that’s why it has so much garlic in it. Anyway, I love garlic, lettuce, and eggs so I am in love with this traditional soup (ciorba de salata, as we call it around here), even I’m not a huge fan of soups, in general.

All of those being said, let’s prepare this dish and scare some vampires too.


What you need:

one lettuce, but if you want it richer make two

6 or 7 garlic cloves

2 spring onions

milk (1 glass)

2 eggs for omelette

some butter

olive oil


bacon (optional – I didn’t use it, cause I’m not a big fan of fatty things, but if you like it, you can use it)


How to do it

1. Wash the lettuce and the onion, let them dry and peel the garlic

2. Chop the garlic and the onion and the lettuce too, if you want a finer look for your soup (if you want a rustic look break it by hand)

3.  Put the soup pot on fire, then add some butter, the green onion and garlic

4. Add the lettuce, stir, then add the milk

5. Let everything boil a bit, then put warm water into your pot. (3 measurements of water on 1 measure of milk – in our case, 3 glasses with water. Cover and let it boil)

6. While your vegetables are boiling put a pan on fire and make the omelette. Cut it in chunks for a traditional look and thin for an elegant one :). I like the traditional way (If you’re using bacon, fry it before the eggs and add it into your omelette for a smoky flavor)

7. Add as much salt as you like then, when the vegetables are boiled, add the omelette into the soup and let it boil one more minute. If you like your food more spicy sprinkle some white pepper into your soup, then enjoy