Tips: Make your life easier in the kitchen

Hmmmmm……… in the kitchen…..

sometimes spending time in the kitchen it’s not an easy thing to do. Exactly for those moments, for all of them, actually, some tips were invented to make eveything easier and faster.


Here are my top 6 tips in the kitchen:

1. if you have some eggs in the fridge for a while and don’t know if you still can eat them, there is a trick to find out – put cold water in a pot and let the egg drop in the water. If it goes fast on the bottom of the pot you can eat it with no worry, if it stays somewhere in the middle, you can eat it, but it’s not so fresh anymore. Forget about it if the egg start to swim relaxed on the surface of the water

2. again about eggs :). If you have an egg in the fridge and have no idea if it’s boiled or fresh, try to rotate it like a whirligig. If it spins, then is boiled. If not, you can cook it, cause is fresh.

3. if you have something to boil and want to finish fast, put not cold, but warm water in the pot, from the very beginning.

4. if you want your coffee not to lose the flavor, keep it in the fridge

5. when you’re cooking clean and wash the dishes while you go

6. keep your fresh onion in the fridge. You will not cry while you’ll peel it