It sounds impossible but it’s not – healthy fast food: Fast couscous with cheese stuffed mushrooms

As I told you already, I like to cook, but I am not patient enough to spend decades in the kitchen (as our mothers were doing). That’s why I like to cook interesting, tasty, healthy but most of all fast meals. And I’d rather cook each day fresh dishes than cooking in advance for one week. If a meal is “older” than 2 days I simply can’t eat it anymore.¬†


My healthy fast food  principle was in motion two days ago, when I felt so hungry that I could eat the table, so I had to find a way to cook our dinner in less than 30 minutes. And I did.


I prepared a good looking couscous, vegetable and cheese stuffed mushrooms dish. Pssssst don’t tell anyone, but even the mushrooms appear to be vegetarian, they are not, cause together with the hard cheese I added some bacon.

What you need:

some frozen vegetables

fresh mushrooms

grated cheese (what you find in the fridge)

bacon (or hard salami) cut in small pieces



How to do it:

1.Wash the mushrooms and stuff each of them with the cheese and the bacon (or salami).

2. Put baking sheet in a tray and add the mushrooms (for s simpler work stuff the mushrooms while they are in the tray)

3. Put them into the oven on 200 degrees Celsius

Boil couscous and in the meantime, in a pan, “prepare” the frozen vegetable mix. When they are both ready combine them and add the salt, pepper and squeeze some lemon over.

The whole dinner must be ready in about 20 minutes so the hunger will run scared pretty fast.