Breakfast feeling: Spinach and parmesan omelette

Eggs, spinach, parmesan and a garlic clove make  a magical bond together. Especially when you’re creating an omelette to lighten your beloved ones breakfasts.  And speaking of devil, an omelette is an endless world of possibilities, so you can use it to get rid of those chicken or vegetable leftovers you have no idea what to do with.


For today’s breakfast, I’ve chosen a beautiful and healthy omelette, and even there is  garlic involved, don’t get scared by it. It is not smelly at all if you use just one or two garlic cloves, but spinach is almost tasteless without it.


I realized actually, during cooking that in this part of the world people are really in love with garlic and they use it in the kitchen as much as they can. Maybe this was their way to escape of the vampires, cause, hey baby, this is Transylvania. hehehe


Ok, Ok, I’m stoping all this chit chat and I will show you the recipe and the mmmmmmmmm really tasty result


To prepare this is fast and easy, so you can cook it even in a busy morning.

What you need (the quantities are for one person):

2 fresh eggs

1 (or 2) minced garlic cloves

1 cup of fresh spinach

a small pan

salt & pepper


one (or 2) spoons of olive oil

How to do it

Crack the eggs and beat them. In the meantime heat the pan and add the olive oil, the spinach and the garlic. Let the spinach to soften a bit, then add the eggs. Cook the omelette and make sure the spinach is spreaded equally.

Put the omelette on a big plate and grate over some parmesan.

You’ll love it especially with toast bread.