Breakfast feeling: Bruschetta (the easy way)

I don’t know how you, guys, are, but I like to do things the hard way. The very hard way. Exactly as in intelligence tests, where when things seem too easy to do, you start thinking that you’re not that smart, so for sure the answer you have in mind might be wrong.

We agreed then: I take the hard way in life, intelligence tests and in the kitchen too and now, that we have the oven installed and functional, Laurentiu has to prepare himself to eat all kind of foods I’m prepared to cook. Yeah,  I’m posessed by the  cooking genie so  I’m thinking all day long what to put in that oven.

Maybe this is the reason I made today bruschetta. In two ways, actually – the easy, and the hard way- but I’m not telling you which one I like most, cause you’ve probably guessed already. 

I know what you’re wondering. What kind of bruschetta Laurentiu like most. He liked them both, but the one made the hard way, more.

Right now, Thataaaaaaaaaaaa! I’m presenting you the easy way bruschetta (in case you’re in a hurry and you like the fast and easy things):

eb1eb2eb3What you need:


extra virgin olive oil

1 garlic clover

bread (any kind – I used a baguette)


salt & pepper & some dried (or fresh) basil

How you do it

1. Slice the bread

2. Put the pan on stove, heat it and add some olive oil

3. Place the bread into the pan and  let it fry a little (on one side only)

4. Take it out and rub the garlic on bread, then do the same with the tomatoes

5. Sprinkle salt, pepper and basil and add some olive oil on your bruschetta

6. Use some grated parmesan for the final touch.