The God of the small things & Nature

Nature knows the best how things need to be done. That is why I’ve always loved natural fibers and I hated plastic. With all my heart.

….I like delicate materials like glass, porcelain, wood, straw, bamboo, wool, cotton, silk….There is something warm about them. warm in terms of the feeling they give you..

I’ve decided, today, to take some pictures to some of the natural and recently bought things around our house. As you may see, already, we have a weird fixation with baskets.

2014-01-31 11.02.53

our small geometric wool rug (the only rug in the house :))

2014-01-31 10.59.59my ballet shoes from another life…ballet time is gone, but the love for dancing remains

2014-01-31 10.51.20we bought 7 baskets lately and it seems we don’t have enough of them

2014-01-31 10.52.06I love this one

2014-01-31 10.54.35…and this one we made responsible for keeping bread