Our home has a soul

There is a thing left in my mind by the former owner of our house. “We had such a good life, as children, there, we were so happy, that the house deserves to be young again”. Beautiful said, isn’t it? Her words made me think so many times about all the lives lived there, about all the people who left something in (now) our home. They were maybe sad, happy, probably some people even died there. Others were born.
I’m not scared about the history of our home. I like it. And I’m thinking about the people who owned it every time I see the summer pictures, when the grey house showed us her secrets: where she had a door, a window or another wall…
There are people, I’m sure, who would like to build a house from the root, to let between the walls their own and only “finger print”, but I’m not like that. And Laurentiu either. We like to imagine how our little white house looked like about 100 years ago when I’m sure it existed, who and how were their owners during times.
Our home has a soul, a beautiful, peaceful one, and I’m happy we are able to let our “finger print” as a small signature on her (hi)story….casa after1