Behind the scenes: Miaunel, “The spoiled baby”


Yeah,  I know , I know, I’ve started this “Behind the scenes” thing exactly with me, the “Dizzy artist” aka The Queen of Modesty, but now is time to find out some things about Miaunel, the stray cat who became the most spoiled and picky cat I’ve ever seen.

miaunel beforemiaunel today

Ok, so here we go: five things about our spoiled furry baby

*when you don’t know where he is, is enough to open the fridge’s door

*he hates chicken, but loves weird “cat” food, like olives, cheese and eggs

*he is like a chicken in his litter box. he makes sand everywhere around

*the “women” (actually one only) are crazy about him. they (the one I’ve told you about) come around by themselves (herself) into his crib

*when he first showed up, his nose area was brown and had a white mustache hair. now he is all black, like New Zeeland’s rugby team.