The Christmas Tree is gone…The white corner arrives

We were in a hurry last year, as always, actually, so we decorated our Christmas Tree in December the 1 st. Maybe this isn’t hurry for the States, but for my country, believe me it is.

white cornerwhite corner2

white 1

So the Christmas is gone….and also the New Year’s…and almost two weeks from this year, so we started to get bored of the Christmas Tree. One and a half month I guess is enough, even for one of the most beautiful trees we actually had in the past few years.

I couldn’t wait for the tree to get back in its box, so I can find a new place, for our B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L tea cart, I told you about some posts ago… Together with the tea cart, we also found a place for my vintage typing machine, for my ouzo glass I bought in a shop in Corfu Island, for my old glass (I bought in an antique store) filled with some sand from Sahara desert and for our wedding picture.


The tea cart became the home of our city’s little houses I put in a glass bowl as in a small world…


The recently white corner has also the tall paper lamp we both love a lot.

PS. I took the liberty to take a picture to Laurentiu’s  elegant rocking chair we bought 2 weeks ago. Cause we ended the last year and started the new one, spending….. This is not the chair’s place, but I thought you’d like to see it too 🙂