A tea cart: from old brown to young white (Before & After pictures)

Now that you’re squeezing me on the door, I must admit there are only few things in my life I am smitten with (or after): my husband, my family, our cat, our home and old furniture.


When I say “old”, it doesn’t mean, that furniture must look like it just came from the grand parents house. No, the furniture I simply and absolutely love was made somewhere in the past (older, the better), has a story, or several stories, a soul, sweet lines and some fresh paint for a younger look.


and….I think I’ve found this right before New Years Eve in an Antique store, when I fell in love with a tea cart. We (Laurentiu and I) saw this shop so we entered to see what’s around, with no intention of buying anything.


Cause when I saw the “ugly” brown tea cart, I practically begged Laurentiu to buy it for me. He didn’t like it very much, but I knew I could die if I wouldn’t have it.

So he did it, probably knowing I would start thinking day and night on that tea cart I have no idea what to do with yet, and where to put it.


One thing we did: we gave it a fresh start in our yard (for now), by adding a coat of white paint we are waiting to dry. Then we’ll find a nice place to put it.