Dreaming about our future garden

One strong reason that made us start looking for a house with a yard was the love we both have for gardens. Yeah, that was a surprise for me too: realizing how much I love taking care of a garden, watching the plants grow and bloom. I am the one in love with flowers, small trees and herbs, LaurenĊ£iu being the one who likes a lot growing vegetables.

so the P.E.R.F.E.C.T. match, right?


Our yard doesn’t have a garden right now, cause we didn’t have time, energy and money left after our summer/fall house adventure, but, now, when the stress is almost gone and we are more relaxed, I can’t wait for spring to come, to start building and creating our garden…


I must admit, I made already a project for our garden, and even the land piece is not huge, I know exactly how is going to look like: with jasmine plants and climbing roses, with a young apple tree (the love symbol) which is going to grow with us and our house, a fig tree i’m going to take from my parents’ yard, with stone and sand alleys, a traditional Transylvanian bread oven, a swing under a patch of vines we kept from the former owners and a tiny vegetable garden.


We know already what we are getting into, cause we both have some experience with gardening. I started mine in my parents’ mini garden, and Laurentiu grew some organic vegetables in our balcony (in the apt we rented).

Ah and we’ll have in our garden a bird bath, some bird’s houses and plants for butterflies……