Spring in winter: Festive violet paper flower wreath

After the Christmas tree, now the entry door is in the row to receive the winter festive touch. OOOOkkkkkk. Being a person who love to do things the hard way, I’ve started 6 days ago, I think, to make my own paper flower wreath. Even I wanted it to be white and silver, now, when is finally ready it looks like the spring landed on our threshold (actually not yet, cause I’ve just finished doing it and is not fixed yet). Even I tried to make that violet wreath a little festive with the white and silver ribbon I guess, we can forget it on the door until summer and is not going to look outdated.



To make it is not difficult at all and what you need is, beside patience, some thick crepe paper, a foam circle, scissors and a good glue. You can use every type of paper you like, even books or music sheets. They would make your wreath look in love….


How to do it:

1. I used 3 layers of paper, cut in squares, then shaped as a circle (by cutting the corners).

2. I transformed the circle in a spiral (cut with the scissors), witch become, by rolling (from the exterior to the interior) and then gluing the base to keep the “petals” in place, a pretty rose, or any kind of flower you’d like to imagine.

3.   To make the wreath, I glued each rose on the circle and… that’s all.

Do you think the whole operation was as simple as that? Well, not quite, cause you have to “book” some afternoons and evenings for that pretty door you’re gonna have. Or wall, if you want to place it over your bed, for example.