A domestic goddess? Hmmm….Yes, please!

How does a domestic goddess look like? Hmmmm…let’s see. She is beautiful, good looking, is taking care of herself, she is sexy, not obsessed with cleaning, cooking and even she is perfectly capable of making some traditional chicken stew with polenta (and I’m sure she would make it deliciously) she is not cooking it. Not because she doesn’t like traditions, but because she is looking for more sophisticate tastes, ingredients and dishes.

geea(foto source)
For this kind of goddess, the food is the same as magic, cause she knows this is a way (a pretty straight one) to the heart of all people around her, especially family.
A domestic goddess doesn’t stay in the kitchen all day long. Not at all. And she would never let herself go, to be swept in a 100% domestic universe. ¬†
In a world where women are perfect to be…men, wear pants more than skirts and have no idea what¬†femininity means, a domestic goddess who knows not how to cook an egg, but how to prepare a dish nobody tasted before, is like a sun ray in the world of darkness. Especially that she can look gorgeous while doing it :D.