I have in mind some exterior decoration….

As I said so many times before, I like simple things. Simpler, the better. That’s why I hate to see all the kitsch you can find all over the place, with the glittering things and golden plastic.



wood, natural fibers, glass, metal and porcelain are the best materials. Plastic made to look like gold (or silver) and the cheap, fake “diamonds” make me sick and wanna run.

I have two wreaths waiting for me to give them a sense: one is bought and the other one I made it from a grape vine my parents have in their yard. I don’t know, right now, exactly how they are gonna look like, but I’ve found some inspiration. On the Internet, where else?



I couldn’t resist to add another incredible image. It’s for a winter wedding, I know, but it looks so luxurious and…WOW.