Tiny obsession and a design dilemma: Huge Clock vs. “Art” Gallery

Chronos, the youngest of all the Greek titans, the one who ate his children, but Zeus, and who is known among the mortals as the ancient god of time, is one of my tiny (HUGE) obsession. I don’t know why, I don’t know how or when appeared, where it came from or where is going to, but that’s it. My very own obsession. The time.

…This is how I might explain my young poems wrote around the time’s theme, or the later paintings with clocks and clock mechanisms… Well I’m not an artist, but as I had some canvas I needed to fill them with something, right? The clocks are ugly anyway 🙂 so I won’t show them to you.

For the past years I could see the obsession getting extended. Over the objects of interior design. Meaning?

ceas 1(source)


That means I want to “build” a huge white clock, of vintage inspiration, at least 1 meter in diameter, to put it, then, in my living room. We have a white spot there. Actually, a white wall that seem huge to me sometimes, and I tend to make it the central view point of the room. By adding this clock I can see already there. (through my mind’s eyes, of course).

I didn’t think much about its mechanism, and I wouldn’t mind if the pointers would not move, cause I won’t feel then the time ticking away, but Laurentiu thinks a clock is not a clock without the ability to measure time. And this clock mechanism problem (and my laziness) have stopped me from actually starting the project by now.

In the meanwhile the wall is still there. Still white. That huge white universe waiting to be filled. But a dilemma arise.

Should I put there the huge white clock I’m gonna make sometimes in the future (this year, I hope) or should we create our very own art gallery?


wall1Cause as I didn’t tell you before we have many interesting things to show, from a real horseshoe, old locks and big metal vintage keys, to oriental flat bottles, ballet shoes, small pictures and big pictures, I’d like to add on an interesting art wall. Together.













So tell me guys. What would you choose? The clock, or the “art” gallery?










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