“Less is more”. Scandinavians know this better

White, white, white and… white again seem to be the “color” most used in Scandinavian interior design. No wonder why. When you live in a place where is night for 6 months a year, you try desperately to bring more light into your home.

scandinavian 1



scandinavian 2


Our zone is a normal one. With normal (COLD) winters. With normal (pretty and warm) summers, with soft falls and gorgeous spring times. I can’t say we need, around here, to bring more light into our homes but….. I’m absolutely in love with the airy feeling¬† Scandinavian interior design seems to give.


scandinavian 3


“Less is more” it’s my rule when it comes to everything in my life and I prefer high quality stuff, less of them, instead of low class multiple nothings.¬† I can’t say I live after some sort of minimalist laws, I like simple things, airy and soft, but the pure northern white could be enriched with some colors sometimes (in my opinion).

scandinavian 4SOURCE

I like white, but combined with neutral tones, with warm colors and with black accents, but that doesn’t mean you can’t just use the simple, perfect balanced white and wooden Scandinavian tones as a source of inspiration. Especially when it comes to white Christmas….


scandinavian 5


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