The spooky parents of a BLACK CAT

Miaunel, our black cat, got a present yesterday. A new neckband with his name on and our telephone number in case he gets lost. And that’s a sign, I guess, that he is a fully member of our family. (The Adams Family :D) Our house is his too and we’re thinking to bring him, sometime in the future, a completely white girl cat, to give us two dozens of grey or black & white ”grandsons” and ”granddaughters”. Cause Miaunel is our kid now, right?   Then we’ll have all the pieces to shoot our own Black Cat, White Cat movie :D.

2013-11-27 14.09.16How do you imagine the day by day life for a black cat ”parent”? Well…You might be tempted to think each time we see the ”kid” coming around, we throw a spit in our decolletage and take three steps backward, to be sure we’ll have a free of misfortune day?

Neeeee If all the gossips were true, we had to be hit by car 1.000 times per day, already.

2013-11-27 14.08.05And how could we be scared by him when he is such a funny and loving boy cat? Especially when he is playing with his tail, is filling our house with his “snakes” (shoelaces and other wires, actually) and balls, and is sitting for hours in front of the washing machine watching it spinning, spinning and spiiiniinggg… Or when you can’t just go in the kitchen without him showing up meowing: “Hey, do you have some goodies for me too?”


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