So….We Bought a House


Here we are again! – Alexandra and Laurenţiu – pretty newly married (for one year:)) with no kids, and we are going to show you our journey to our dream home. We live in Transylvania, in a not so big, but charming city, and we are living (and working on) our dream. We can’t wait to see the house habitable, so we are able to take two kittens and a puppy.

Our story begins in the autumn of 2012 when, right after our wedding (in September the 15′th) and honeymoon, we’ve started our Odyssey. As I’ve already said, we both have a dream: to own not an apartment, but a house. A small one, in a big garden, with two cats and a dog. So, last year in October, right on this time, we started chasing it.

First thought was to buy a land piece and to build our own dream house, but in about three months, after billion of land sights we decided to drop the idea. Our rules were simple: to not make us car “addicted” (so the land piece had to be not so far from the city), to not make us spend more than necessary money on car gas; to be in a good location – not far from the vegetable market, schools and kinder gardens – and to be big enough to transform it in a romantic garden with a tiny vegetable corner. A very difficult thing….Believe me. Especially that the money we had were not enough to buy the newest house and that we didn’t want to make a big bank loan. So here we were, in the worse situation possible. I could say….

Anyway, after mornings, days, afternoons and evenings spent on the real estate websites, after we saw a huge amount of houses, we almost gave in. But we didn’t. And our perseverance finally brought us a result.
By the end of April we’ve found this house. It was old, looked terrible, it wasn’t inhabited for one year and the yard…the yard was a mess. Garbages, metals, leaves, bukets and a real jungle – up and down there, because of a very old grape vine. Despite all these, the house was in the perfect location: good neighborhood, on 5 minutes (by foot) from the biggest vegetable market of our city, on 10 minutes (by foot) from the old center of the city, on 2 streets away from school and kinder garden.
I think any other normal person would have been running screaming, because the house looked…. horrible. But we stayed. Especially for it’s location and because its structure was allright. I guess we could see the gem in the mud….

and still are…

As I said, we needed a loan, and after all the bank papers were done, we could, finally, after 3 months of waiting and nerves stretching, to sign the papers. The big event took place in July the 3rd, some months ago, but even so, we don’t live there.

Why? That’s an easy question. Cause we have to make the house young again…..
How things go we’ll show you in our next posts…

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