An advice: Want a house? Never, never, ever and NEVER give up!

When you are a normal person, with a normal income and normal parents, buying a house might be almost an impossible thing. Unless… You have some hidden socks full with money or… you found an ancient treasure.
Yeah, I know it’s not that bad, I exaggerate a little bit here, but I’m doing it only to show you that buying a house is not a very simple thing to do. Especially when you see your future home placed in the center (or not far from the center) of your city, is “equipped” with a garden (or the land is big enough to become a garden) and we’re not talking about an apartment in a house here.

…things like that…

We wanted all these and in our (actual) area the houses “capable” to complete the rules I told you about are not cheap at all. And I’m not talking here about villas, or recently built houses. I’m talking about pretty normal houses who cost double the sum we had.

When your money are counted finding a good house in a good area becomes one of the most difficult things to do, especially that in good neighborhoods cheaper buildings appear rare and are sold in no time. Even faster than light’s speed.  (at least this is what happens here). That’s why when you intent to buy a house with “little” money (hey, you have to be prepared with more money than you’d pay for a good apartment cause you’re paying for the land too!) you have to be aware that you need: PATIENCE, PATIENCE and…PATIENCE.

Patience and money are not the only “qualities” you must have, cause “good” eyes and an open mind are also required. Meaning? Many people run screaming when they see an ugly house. “Cheaper” houses in good neighborhoods look bad. Trust me. They look really bad sometimes, but before considering buying them, make sure their foundation is fine, that the building doesn’t have resistance troubles, water infiltrations and mold. If all these are fine, then take it. It doesn’t matter how bad it looks, cause I can assure you that every ugly, old house, is able to become that DREAM HOME you’ve always wished for.

We looked almost a year for our home, and many times we almost gave up. I know that an apartment would have cost us less. Less money… less stress… less energy, but I guess our white house was waiting for us to make it young again. As the former owner said when we bought it. Maybe that white house was meant to be our especially that Laurentiu and I, both, love buildings with a story and history. (I tend to think that the first part of our house was built way before 1’st World War so in the Habsburgic Empire).
PS. I didn’t care much during our search that people asked me on and on when we are going to buy our house (or apartment)… I didn’t care at all neither what they said when we bought “that terrible house” cause we knew all the time what we wanted, what we were doing and what we are going to do. Especially that right now, our house almost doubled it’s value

….(and it will get even more expensive and valuable)…

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