Torture and kitchen inspiration


Each time I want to torture myself I start looking for inspiration…

Torture and inspiration don’t go well together, you say? Sure they do! Is enough for me to take a look at my unfinished kitchen, to start swimming (ok, surfing, but I don’t do surf) on the internet for the most gorgeous kitchens. I know already how my ideal kitchen would look like and I assure you that even right now our kitchen is not even a… normal one, we’ll have that white room I’ve always wished for, even without knowing it.

chair 1


Our kitchen is going to be white (as I said already), with a classic line, with black accessories, new and modern appliances, an island, tall iron chairs, or exotic chairs, with glass or industrial pendant laps, depends on what I would fall in love with.

light inspiration1

light inspiration2



I like simplicity in design, classical lines, because they never get outdated, with extremely sophisticate, modern, exotic and surprising accessories or pendant lamps.


light inspiration3


I am convinced that only a simple and clean general design is able to highlight a completely different and surprising item. Like a strange splash of color in a white and a bit black kitchen, or a big vintage pocket watch on a simple, white wall.

…. and so on… light inspiration4

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