Four bedroom pictures: ”Before”, ”After” and ”In the process”

After I bombarded you with food, I think it’s time to make some exercise with ”Before”, ”After” and ”In the process” pictures. As it happened outside the house, we had a lot of summer ”fun” on the inside too. Meaning?


Well….We first cleaned the walls till the bricks, then, we took out the wooden floors, then the old stoves, the chimneys since our house started to look like the Swiss cheese, we changed the old windows  and we put on a new roof and ceilings. After we got rid of all the old stuff in the house, we whitewashed the walls, and we made new concrete floors (actually our contractor did them cause we have ZERO knowledge in whitewashing), new plumbing and electric network, a new sewerage, then we took care of insulation and we put wooden floors all over the house.


You can see now a completely new house and the pictures took from our bedroom show you a tiny part of the interior work we had fun with :).

Anyway, the furniture is not the ”final” one, but is perfect for the beginning and for what we need right now. I still got an idea to make it a bit more fancy, so we’ll put some interesting wallpaper on our closet and on the headboard.


Ah! And you thought we let the self made ”french” door  with the broken window you can see in the picture? Neee. We have now some interesting bedroom doors with the intact glass. 🙂


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