Mediterranean feeling: Chicken with olives

It’s strange, but Mediterranean Sea has a great attraction towards me. I love the climate there, the herbs, plants, the air, the architecture. There is something sweet, salty and relaxing about it, and the colors are wonderful. People who know me, are aware already of my passion for cooking and, for the people who not know me, I must say that the kitchen is my very own art studio, where I can create new forms of taste. I like to experiment things, to mix the ingredients and I’m in love with spices and with Mediterranean cuisine. That’s why I use it as a source of inspiration in many of my “creations”.


Anyway. I have an itch these days cause my oven doesn’t work properly so I skip it every time I cook and I’m trying to manage the things with the pan or with dry cooker. Maybe is a good thing, cause my philosophy in the kitchen is: simple, fast, fresh and tasty and in oven the food is cooked slower than in 30 minutes.

All these having said, I can share with you my special olive chicken recipe.

What you need:

*chicken breast (sliced or not)
*4 garlic gloves
*2 fresh skinned tomatoes (or 1 can of tomatoes)
*2 spoons of virgin olive oil
*one hand of kalamata olives
*salt & pepper
*one glass of dry white wine
*if you like it more spicy use a pinch of chilli flakes

The recipe works perfect for oven, but if you want to make it faster, or if your oven doesn’t work (as mine) you can use dry cooker pan 🙂

How to make it:
Wash and slice the chicken if it isn’t already sliced and put on some salt, pepper and oregano (I add some chilli flakes too). Put the dry cooker on the stove, let it heat and then add the olive oil and the chicken. Put the cover on let the flesh cook on small heat for about 5 minutes and add the wine. Cover it and let it cook again for about 5 minutes. In the meantime press the olives with one finger to take the stones out (that’s why the best olives to buy are the softer ones), and add half of the olives into the pan. Cover it again and prepare the tomatoes. Cut them in small cubes if they are fresh and in bigger slices if they are canned and then add them into the pan. Put some salt too but be careful with that cause the olives tend to be pretty salty. Together with the tomatoes and their sauce add the rest of the olives and let everything on small heat until is cooked (for about 20 minutes). For more taste add some oregano in the sauce with about one minute before you take it from the stove and serve the chicken with a green salad.
That’s a healthy and fast meal and even you probably like to combine the chicken and tomatoes with potatoes, my advice is to not do such a thing. Unless you want to put on some kilos :D….

PS. I guess I’m not the best food photographer. I’ll try to do my best next time.

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