Make a new closet for only 30 dollars (Before & After pictures)

Sometimes, when I have a problem with something, the object or the idea sticks on my mind and I can’t escape. Exactly how it happens when an annoying fly goes around you on and on….

I’ve experienced something similar with our bedroom’s closet. I constantly had a problem with it. First it was too small with its 3 doors, then, when Laurentiu added another 2 doors I had a problem with the color. It was too….normal. Too ordinary… Too…closet.

1(don’t bother with the tiny white spot on the floor. There is the homemade paper “ball” for our cats to play)

Yeah, I hated it, and I couldn’t stand it and because of that I barely put my clothes in order. The good thing is that, in the moment I realized what I hate, I started thinking what I can do to improve it. To change it somehow and I thought the best way to do it while keeping the closet around, was through wallpaper.

There are so little things I really, really like and the biggest problem in my case, as a consumer, is that I really must fall in love with things to buy them. And as is happening so rare to truly love something, you can imagine how difficult it was for me to find a good wallpaper. 


The “rules” were simple:

*it had to be white in order to bring more light into our house

*it had to be something geometrical

*no feminine print

*it had to combine my style and Laurentiu’s

*it had to be something with no flowers or something that makes you wanna run

Luckily I’ve found something like this, so last evening, for about 2 hours we had fun putting on the closet’s doors the first wallpaper of our lives. Of course the whole operation is not completely finished. We still have some work to do on details, but tha-thaaaaa!


Here’s the result. And I really, really like it, especially that we have now a completely new old closet that costs only 30 dollars 🙂