We’ve never seen it as it was

I must admit I was pretty upset with the bank evaluator when he didn’t give a very good score to our house. (no wonder why :)))). And now, looking back, and being wiser :D, I understand we’ve never been realist when it came of the house. We had to make an imagination exercise from the very beginning, to see the ugly “Beast” magically transformed, so we actually didn’t really see all the mess around here.

The buckets, weeds, the dirt and the huge amount of work and stress waiting for us near the corner were not actually there. We could never see them and I’m sure now that this was the best thing. If we’ve seen it we would never had the courage to do anything. curte before july curte process2 curte process curte process3 curte process4 curte after

The yard, the house, the small guest house in the back yard, the garden are not finished. Not even close. Our tiny white house’s story is just in the beginning, but the first traces were made and I hope you’ll come with us in our scary, yet wonderful journey.

In the pictures you can see the first part of the house, in some stages of the process. The first window (in the right of the pictures) didn’t exist. We made a new window for bringing more light in our home. Because we know, of course, that a home filled with light is a happy home.

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