Don’t know what to do on a Sunday? Paint your doors

At least this is what we did today.

They say if you what to change the way your house looks like, the cheapest way to do it is by paint and I must admit it’s incredible how everything changes in a good way after some brush traces.


We didn’t want to dramatically change the way our home looks like, and that’s why we used white for the doors (the old color they had, actually), but we had to do it, cause they were not finished, and were ugly. Anyway, right now they look gorgeous and perfect and I can’t stop thinking that, indeed, the devil stays in the small things.


I am a perfectionist and everything around, even apparently messy, is (or must be) perfectly balanced. And sometimes I change and change the place of the objects until I find the perfect place for them.

We don’t want to spoil our CHI, right?


This is exactly what happened with the things we put around the house: the key box (we changed recently) with a tree of life, as I like to see it, carved in it, with the funny owl hanger in the kitchen, the wooden fish we brought from Crete, the blackboard fish my sister gave us, the iron birdie with the Crete’s bells.

1213and the little houses of Crete, we also brought back home from this beautiful, beautiful land piece.