Breakfast feeling: “Eggs cocotte” with garam masala

There is no secret to anybody that I simply love eggs. I knew already you can do a lot of things with them but I am still amazed on how versatile eggs can be.


I didn’t cook much lately and what I’ve cooked ended in our bellies without taking a single shot, but today I’m gonna show you how a simple and classic dish like egg in pot (eggs cocotte) may find itself on an Indian land.


Yeah, I like Mediterranean food, Asian food, French food, English food, Romanian food, all the food in two words, as long as it is interesting or may become interesting. And so I’ve found that eggs cocotte could be.

For my breakfast today I’ve decided to transform some regular ingredients like eggs and sour cream into an interesting, spicy and flavored dish by adding the so interesting garam masala.


Even the recipe “says” you should place one egg in one ramekin, I put 2 eggs to not complicate myself. Together with my eggs I prepared a beautiful fresh tomato salad I sprinkled with salt, olive oil, sweet balsamic cream vinegar and fresh Greek basil. Ah and the sweetness acidity of tomatoes went perfectly with the garam masala eggs in pots.

What you need

*1 (or 2) egg(s)

*2 spoons of sour cream

*1 ramekin (one for each person you try to amaze :D)

*salt & pepper & garam masala

How to do it

1. Preheat the oven on 200 degrees Celsius

2. Place one spoon of sour cream in each ramekin, then brake one egg (or 2 in my case) over

3. Add another sour cream over the eggs, salt, pepper and garam masala for a more exotic touch

4. Put warm water in a pot (not much to not get over the ramekins if it boils), place the ramekins in the pot and place the eggs in the oven for about 15 minutes.

5. If you like the eggs more cooked, let them more time in the oven 🙂

P.S. I’ve been focusing myself on cooking and posting here about dishes and food, lately, cause we didn’t do much in our house and garden. Except of taking care of them and cleaning them, of course, cause we’re preparing body and soul for our summer holiday in Crete. I hope we’ll come back with beautiful stories to tell and nice sources of inspiration but there is still time till then