….pure & simple…breakfast

When it comes to breakfast, I’m not the person who “eats” just one coffee and that’s it, neither the one who eats muesli, fruits and other “sweets”. I can’t say I didn’t try it, cause you have to try something before say it it is not your cup of tea, isn’t it?


When it comes to breakfast, I am the person who EATS. Well….not like a piggy eat, more like a bird, but I know already, that if I start my day with fruits, I would die of starvation one hour later. Probably because I can’t say I am exactly a fruit person. If I could chose I would go with the vegetables I adore since my childhood.


I know, I know, not all people are as lucky as I am and many of them don’t have too much time in the morning, but the breakfast is truly important for a good day start (the doctors said it already before me :)). Anyway. Today I found myself in this situation: with not so much time left to prepare a great breakfast. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t eat. And I had a great breakfast with calcium, lots of vitamins and minerals, together with the B12 vitamin from the egg I poached.


What I had, was a simple and quick salad made of arugula sprinkled with a little salt, lemon and olive oil. The arugula salad was the “bed” for my one and only poached egg (I am not crazy about soft eggs, so I cooked it a little bit more) sprinkled with salt, white pepper and grated parmesan :).