Breakfast feeling: Fine herbs omelette (just because is an ordinary Wednesday)

I had this omelette in mind for a while, cause I was thinking I should use somehow in a creative and tasty way the fresh herbs we have all over our young garden.


I love herbs and omelettes, especially those created with butter so there was this bug that bothered me. Cause when an idea comes into my mind and is related to anything edible or creative I really have to do it.  Cause if I don’t, the sleep runs away from me.


So I did it today. This morning, actually, in a not so special day. But why should you wait for a really special day or anniversary to eat something fine or tasty or to make yourself or beloved ones a nice gift. My Wednesday gift for Laurentiu was this omelette. A fine one because of the herbs I used: marjoram, tarragon, peppermint and sage.


What you need:

*fresh marjoram, tarragon, peppermint and sage, chopped and mixed together

*eggs (2 for Laurentiu, 1 for myself)

*butter and some olive oil (I use oil to prevent the butter from getting burned)

*brie cheese

*young (or old) garlic

*salt & pepper


How to do it:

1. Chop the garlic and the herbs. Mix the herbs together, but keep the garlic aside.

2. Beat the eggs, add salt, pepper and the herbs

3. Heat the pan add the butter, olive oil (both in very small quantities) and add the garlic. Let it soften for 10 seconds and be careful not to burn it (it would become bitter)

4. Add the eggs, cook the omelette and when is almost ready add the cheese and put a  lid over the pan to help it melt

6. We ate it with toast bread and fresh radishes from our garden