Not one, but two gorgeous birthday gifts (Tajine vases)

Tomorrow, on July 7 th is going to be my birthday. Because this year the 7 th  will be on a Monday, the day of the week not even the grass isn’t  growing, we kept the “party” on Saturday. I can’t say it was a party in the real sense of the word, cause there was not a big gather of people but the most valuable ones on earth, for me..

The party is not what I wanted to talk about, actually, but about the two of  the presents I got. They say that if you really wish for something, the Universe conspires to bring you what you wish for. Ah, and if you have around people who really love you, I may add.


So, to unlock the mystery, I really, really wanted a tajine vase. I have no idea (yet) how to use it or what to cook in there, but I love  to learn and try new things, to explore new tastes.

Tajine vase  is almost as a small oven, used in northern Africa area, in Morocco, and you need only the ingredients a little water and fire to have a great clay oven for a really slow cooked food.


My sister with her boyfriend and Laurentiu didn’t talk before, but they all knew how much I would love a tajine vase. So they bought me one, and I must say these are some of the most beautiful presents I got and I love them both so much…


I can’t wait to explore the recipes of the moroccan cuisine and maybe, the transylvanian one created in those lovely, intriguing and interesting vases