Don’t you like your garbage can? Hide it!

As stupid as it may sound, but around here (in the whole country) people don’t collect the garbage selectively. What means that? Well….We have one garbage can for all the waste, where we put together all the materials from bio waste, till plastic, glass, paper and metals. Stupid, right? And so wrong for the environment. But it seems the light starts to sparkle in the tunnel, cause starting next year things are going to change.


Actually some modest signs can be seen already, cause people who live in individual houses are encouraged to separately put, in bags, the materials that can be recycled.

What I wanted to say is that we have one big garbage can we use for our garbage disposal and some plastic bags for the recycled stuff, and they were staying somewhere near the house, cause it was easier to be taken out, in the street, weekly. The big garbage can was staying not far from my eyes, actually and I hated it. No wonder why. I’ve never heard of a garbage can winning the Miss Universe contest, right? So I started to think on the solution. And, as long as I’m writing this post, I’ve found it.3


We used (Laurentiu, actually, cause he is the talented one in the family) the old pallets we had around the house from the constructing materials, to create a “home” for our garbage. He let space for the air to flow freely, to prevent the smell, he painted it in our house’s colors and added even a fix window frame, to make it more realistic. I’ve been thinking to add a flower box under the window and to plant flowers there, for a better look.

I must say I love what he did, especially that the “house” was placed in the back of our yard and you can see no garbage can around anymore.

The house doesn’t have a door – yet – but is going to….